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What is Watershed Planning?

When it rains, water flows to nearby creeks, streams and rivers. In areas that are not directly next to a body of water, it drains into an underlying aquifer, and in urban cases a storm drain. If streambanks are eroded or there is an excess of organic nutrients in a drainage pattern, sediments and nutrients accumulate. This can result in algal blooms, loss of ecological diversity, and an overall decline in water quality.

Why is it Important?

Watershed planning is a strategy and a work plan for achieving water resource goals that provides assessment and management information for a geographically

defined watershed - Lisbon Creek in this case. It includes the analyses, actions, participants, and resources related to development and implementation of the plan.

What's Polluting the Watershed?

• Sedimentation

• Siltation

• Excess nutrients

What are the Sources of Pollution?

• Dams and impoundments

• Degraded streambanks

• Storm water runoff

• Animal access to the stream

How You Can Help

The Columbiana County Soil & Water Conservation District is asking for stakeholder feedback for this living document. Upon completion the plan will be submitted to the Ohio EPA and the U.S. EPA for approval. Once approved this plan will serve as the blueprint for future projects and funding

Stakeholder Meeting:

May 13th at 6pm at the Lisbon Train Station

(232 S. Market St., Lisbon)

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